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Monday, June 18, 2007

Reaction to TGI Friday's Post

I was just going to respond to the comment, but the length of the retort warrants its own post.

Sometimes a comment comes across that is so ...wrong, that I spend the weekend talking to myself in the car, irritated and confounded by the stupidity. This is one such case. The only comment from the TGI Friday's post:
fullgrownjsbx said...

your are a douche bag of massive proportions. you are the reason why restaurants can't keep there prices down. always looking for a hand out. if you have a problem solve it then instead of writing this annoying blog. :-)
My retort:

Dear fullgrownjsbx,

I don't mind being referred to as a douchebag (that's one word) if, in fact, signs of douchebaggery abound. However, after careful review of this post, there is absolutely no douchebaggery afoot.

You see, fg, a restaurant is a for-profit business. A business exists for one sole purpose: to make money. For that reason alone, the idea that restaurants have any incentive or desire to keep their prices down for the benefit of the consumer is absurd; the only reason for a business to lower prices is to increase demand and overall profit.

In order to make profit, a restaurant should be good at what it does: provide service, food, and experience on par with expectation. For example, if you go to Dick's, you expect to be insulted. But Friday's is selling quality and unique food choices, quality service, and a better-than-average experience. For that combination, I pay a little more than I would at, say Applebees and much more than McDonald's or Skyline Chili.

I am not looking for a handout and have gone ahead and solved my problem quite efficiently. If I am patronizing a restaurant and do not receive the quality of service/food/experience that that restaurant promises and I am paying for, I am going to let them know. In this case, TGI Friday's fell very low on my list of dining options, putting them in the position of making less money from my disposable income. However, by making a $5 or $10 investment, they have raised their ranking, and when I go to spend that certificate, I will probably end up spending 4 to 5 times their investment, raising their profit.

To conclude: They promise and deliver and deliver. Then one time they don't. I mention my disappointment. They do what they're supposed to do (sorry!) and I follow suit (s'okay, thanks for thinking enough of it; I'll be back).

One more thing, asshat: proper grammar makes you at least credible as opposed to coming off as a complete choad, ignorance of the economy aside.

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  • At 12:04 PM, Anonymous fullgrownjsbx said…

    going around to area businesses and finding fault in everything is very absurd. your life must have little meaning to go around and try to ruin the hard work that people do at there job. a mistake is made everyday in every aspect of life. if someones child does something wrong the parents don't go online and write a blog that tells how awful there child is. in the case of a for profit business: no company is going to run and not make a profit. the rise in minimum wage for servers in ohio doesn't help there cause out any. plus the rise in gas raises the price in every area of there business. as it does for any company that uses outside sources for any of there dealings. you must get a kick out of making companies give you stuff for free.? overall that doesn't help any cause to lower prices. do you make a living out of writing these blogs? or is this your anger at the corporate world that you put on this blog? my biggest concern is where are all of your blogs about the great service or great time you had at any of your other adventures in life? you must only want to project hate where there is enough hate already in this world. yes i called you a douche bag, but i find that word comical and it was mainly for me to see at the end of your blog. selfish i know. find a new angle to write. maybe about the positive things that happen in your life. tv and news already do a great job of projecting negative images in our mind all we need is to add one more to the list. you!

    P.S. i am not an english major and i would never say i have good grammar. it doesn't matter to me. all i want is the point to be noted.


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