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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Subway: Their Way, and Screw Your Money

Last Thanksgiving, I was on an unexpected trip to Maryland to see my sister. NC to MD takes us through Richmond, VA. We decided to stop before the required 95 traffic mess that was to ensue. Just south of Richmond, we hit a gas station that was fully-equipped with a Subway. Excited for our evening snack, my wife, daughter, and I ponied-up to the counter. We were all getting the deli rounds.

Sara ordered. Ariel ordered.

And then me.

"I'd like a roast beef round, and could you add pepperoni?"
"No, sir, I can't do that."
"I'm sorry, could you just add pepperoni to the sandwich?"
"No, we can't do that."
"Are you kidding?"
"Can I add it and pay for it?"
"Sorry sir, we can't do that."


So I laughed through the experience, joking about getting extra cheese.

Not two weeks later, Sara went to our local Subway with Ariel in prep for a Christmas show. They had a special for six inch turkey and ham subs. Related interaction:

"Can I get one of those turkey and ham subs with no ham?"
"I'm sorry, we can't do that."
"So I'd like a turkey and ham sub and you can keep the ham? You can't do that?"
"No. Sorry."
"You can keep the ham. I just want the turkey on it."
"Okay, how about you make the sub, take off the ham, put it in a bag or something, and then add the toppings."
"That's cool."

My daughter got her turkey sub and a small packet of ham went into the trash can in the store because of it.

What the hell's going on? When did it become a problem to train your workforce to accept money for anything. Especially things you were already offering?

I have written a letter of calm complaint to Subway and hope to make this my first Bad Business that turns. I hope (and by that I don't mean coupons. I mean "hey, sorry," which is excusable for this offense).

I love you Subway. Make it right.

Email from Subway:

My name is Kenny Partin, and I am a Business Consultant for the North Carolina Subway Group, Inc.

I received your comments concerning the Subway located in Clemmons, North Carolina. A copy of your comments have been forwarded to the owner of this store for his action.

I would like to apologize to you for any inconvenience this has caused you and we hope to rectify this situation so that it will not occur again. Thank you for your loyalty to the Subway brand and we hope that we can continue to be of service to you.

Thank you,

Kenny Partin

Well, it's something. Hoping for a follow-up from the actual store. Then I could call this complaint closed.

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  • At 10:57 AM, Blogger bhfrik said…

    Hey there... I want to thank you for visiting Club Lefty and leaving a comment on the cable news is off base post.

    On Subway, recently I've noticed a change in my local outlet here in Eugene Or. I used to be able to just march in there and tell them to toss a bit of everything into the sandwich and they would charge me an arm and a leg above and beyond the price of the normal sandwich in the first place. But that was ok because I really liked those types of sandwiches. Recently i went into Subway, asking them to load up an everything special and the guy behind the counter hemmed and hawed for a bit and after a confab with the other guy behind the counter advised me he couldn't make my sanwich!

    I should have written a letter...


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