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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GoDaddy Needs a Spanking

As a web developer, I have occasionally bounced against clients who use Go Daddy as their hosting provider and even used them to purchase a domain name, but have never really needed to delve into their hosting administration and transfer services until yesterday.

It's a damned disaster.

If they had told me it was going to be a damned disaster, I wouldn't be surprised, but here's the story:

A client of mine is looking for a redesign. He was currently hosted - by another company, on Having a rudimentary login, I figured a transfer wouldn't be that difficult (he managed several accounts and - understandably - didn't want folks poking around his clientele). After he called Go Daddy and told me the process, I called Go Daddy to confirm, and we were assured of the "best" way to do it, and that it would be seamless.

24 hours later, I've been on the phone with Go Daddy help 5 times, and each time I get more information on why the last guy I talked to didn't know what he was talking about. My client's email has been down over 12 hours, his website 8.

The only reason I'm hanging on and not going to another provider (that I already have in waiting) is that the email is still on their servers, ease of login for my client.

  • Avoid
  • Caveat emptor when it comes to setting your main business email with a hosting provider.
  • Avoid

See the next post for your Award Winners when it comes to the alternatives for this disaster.

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  • At 4:48 AM, Blogger Sam Rice said…

    Avoid the BBB if you have a complaint. They are running a pay to play scam. A Bad business can buy an A+ rating. Then they can rip you off and the BBB will still leave them A+ even after multiple complaints.


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