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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ohio State Realty - Bad Business, May 2003

Here's a lose-lose situation: You're out trying to buy your first house, and when you decide on a choice piece of property, not only is the seller stubborn and un-initiated in the ways of barter, but the company who represents her doesn't even deliver her your offers.

Such was the case with OSR. Granted, the seller was a real poop-head, but we made about 5 offers during the week we were looking to buy, and two of them never made it to the seller. Our calls were never returned (in 2003, the place was run by two brothers, and one was apparently out of town; the other couldn't handle the correspondance).

The seller wouldn't agree to anything, and when we finally got to the asking price, the hot tub and appliance warranty -- offered in the MLS listing -- were revoked. We walked away.

And OSR offered nothing but silence the whole way through.

My wife and I still laugh every time we see an OSR sign. God help the buyers

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  • At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I sold my place through OSR and they completely screwed me over. The deal is that if the buyer does not have a realtor, then the seller only pays the flat fee to OSR and the deal is done. But what they do is once a potential buyer without a realtor contacts OSR, they assign the buyer a OSR realtor to represent the buyer. Presto, the once flat fee turns into flat fee plus 3% owed to the buyer's realtor.

    I closed the deal because I had to sell the house, but never, never, never deal with OSR. Scum.


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