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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

City of Parma, OH - Bad Business, October 2003

Okay, so Parma has a couple of signs up at the City Limits. They say, basically, that if you park on the street between November and April, you'll get a ticket. But you can only read it if you take your eyes off the road for at least 15 seconds, and that's if the sign is there, and that's if the sign is not so sun-faded that you can't read it.

Parma is full of rental properties. Many of these properties are duplexes with one driveway. A couple living in an upstairs duplex (such as my wife and I) who can't always arrange the cars in an "I'm last in, you're first out" manner would have to park in the street just to make it comfortable.

Parma says on the sign that it's a Winter Ban. Good luck with that one. The one time I did get a ticket (and I've parked in the street multiple times during the outage), it was a clear day.

Too bad the cops can't seem to get out when there is rough weather out there.

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